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Graduate School Resources

  • is a website with access to a wide range of resources and tips for succeeding, getting into and life after graduate school. Users can search from a wide selection of postgraduate and doctoral programs; furthermore, one can customize search criterias in order to find programs that better fit one's needs and preferences.
  • US News and World Report's ranking of graduate programs.
  • How to Succeed in Grad School, part 1 and part 2, is a two-part guide with helpful hints and advice on doing well in graduate school.
  • is a directory of graduate programs in all different disciplines from around the world.

Professional School Resources

  • Free MCAT Test Prep. Khan Academy now has an entire MCAT test prep course available with over 500 practice exercises and many, many video tutorials.
  • American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) is a searchable database with extensive info on US medical schools. Also available as an alphabetical list.
  • AAMC Applicants and Matriculants Data contains statistics on application and acceptance rates for medical school. Particularly useful is Table A-23, which lists acceptance data correlated to MCAT and GPA. The table shows that it is possible to get into medical school, even with a less than stellar GPA or MCAT score.
  • Medsearch Corp. is a website with listings of jobs and research positions in the medical and healthcare industries, and it might be a good place to start for premed students intent on taking a gap year.
  • is a great website for finding volunteer opportunities in any area (as well as online).
  • has some youtube videos that cover MCAT prep and medical school interview advice.

Summer Research & Internship Resources

  • Summer Research Opportunities through the National Science Foundation’s REU Program can be found at this searchable website.
  • CIRRUS is a website that connects students with undergraduate research opportunities. Though not an extensive list, it's a good start for those looking to do research and to get paid for it.

Professional Resources in Chemistry & Science

  • The American Chemical SocietyThis is the home page of the ACS, the largest scientific society with over 160,000 members. The ACS has countless roles in the chemical community, and all those intending to pursue careers in chemistry are urged to join. Visit this web page to see what they're all about.
  • is a Meta-list of online job resources. It also includes many job search articles and relevant links.
  • is a great website for finding volunteer opportunities in any area (as well as online).

Chemistry Learning Resources

  • WEB-sters Organic Chemistry. This web site, created by Prof. Ron Rusay of Diablo Valley College and the late  Prof. N.J. Turro of Columbia University, contains links to learning resources for organic chemistry students. The links are conveniently arranged by topic.
  • Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds. Type in the abbreviation of a chemical compound (for example: THF ) and let this web page find its full name for you.
  • Acronyms in Chemistry. Type in any acronym, especially chemistry related ones (for example: DEPT ) and let this web page find its full name for you.
  • is, of all things, a commercial website for heating and air conditioning services! But what is really interesting is that they have a webpage with all sorts of links to heating curves and chemistry resources for students. This is a great example of how chemistry intersects with real life!
  • Periodic Table Resource for Tungsten, Palladium and Other Transition Metals. This site provides a neat intersection between chemistry, and of all things, the jewelry industry. It presents some interesting tidbits and facts about various metals and has links to more detailed scientific information about each metal. It was created by an enthusiast of chemistry at Larson Jewelers in California. 

Financial Aid Resources

Resources for Chemistry Instructors

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