Virtual Flashcards presents the Organic Webcards for students who study reactions using flashcards. The Webcards are electronic notecards that will help you to learn reactions in a variety of ways. With the click of a button, you can go from a 'Predict the Product' notecard to a 'Guess the Reagent' notecard to one of two other varieties of notecards. You can also learn reactions by name, shuffle the order of the notecards, and learn the reactions based on the functional group transformations.

The Webcards are organized by functional group (a common format for many textbooks). In order to use the cards directly within your web browser, you will need the Shockwave plug-in to be installed on your web browser. If you do not have the latest version of Shockwave installed (ver. 12), click here to get Shockwave for your browser. After you have the plug-in installed, click the button below to begin using the flashcards.

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You can also run the Webcards directly from your Mac or PC by downloading the app to your computer by clicking on the links below. Although they have been tested on Windows and the Mac OS, they come without warrantee or technical support. Download and run them at your own risk (at some point, they will probably stop working on modern operating systems).

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